The latest 32-bit version is:
4MLinux-27.0-32bit.iso (download)

The latest 64-bit version is:
4MServer-27.0-64bit.iso (download)

The latest beta version is:
4MLinux-28.0-32bit.iso (coming soon)

Third-party 4MLinux torrents are available (here)

The minimum requirements are:
- 128 MB of RAM for 4MLinux installed to a HDD,
- 1024 MB of RAM for 4MLinux live CD/USB,
- 256 MB of RAM for 4MServer installed to a HDD,
- 2048 MB of RAM for 4MServer live CD/USB.

Additionally, the 32-bit version requires PAE, which is available in:
- Intel CPUs: Penthium Pro or newer,
- AMD CPUs: Athlon XP or newer.

Optional drivers for 4MLinux 27.0 are available here.


Totally free, feature-oriented, miniature Linux distribution.
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